Walking and movement

mum & gypsy

October 21, 2014 10:00

Le Murate Progetti Arte Contemporanea | IT

Workshop for actors and performers led by Japanese theatre director Takahiro Fujita

The workshop begins from the interviews for each participant by Takahiro Fujita. After all interview of every participants, he will make a theatrical piece based on the daily life of participants which was discovered by interview. At the end, a small performance will be held by the participants.

Takahiro Fujita is one of the youngest directors of the “zero generation”. In Japan’s contemporary theatre world, this new generation of directors and playwrights have come on the scene after the advent of Oriza Hirata’s colloquial spoken-language theatre style.
Following the theory of Hirata, Fujita has created his own style which is characterized by a new methodology in which story lines develop in parallel through a complex interweaving of scenes. Symbolic scenes are repeated in the form of “refrains” that are presented from different characters’ perspectives. This method also makes creative use of the “physical transformations” that occur in the actor during these shifting perspectives.


This activity is part of the 2014 European tour of mum & gypsy, realized by Fondazione Pontedera Teatro, MESS International Theatre Festival Sarajevo, Associazione Lis Lab Performing Arts, Meina (Novara), Inteatro Polverigi (Ancona), Ente Autonomo Regionale Teatro di Messina
with the support of Japan Foundation Performing Arts Japan Programme for Europe (PAJ Europe) – Touring Grant and Arts Council Tokyo
and the cooperation of Fondazione Fabbrica Europa

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