Fabbrica Europa at #meetyou 2023 Valladolid

A platform for interaction for emerging artists. Successful practices and challenges

Teatro Calderón, Valladolid
March 8 – 11, 2023

Fabbrica Europa is among the organisations invited to participate in the second edition of PRO LABS. CREATIVE CITIES, a platform that takes place in in the framework of #meetyou festival 2023 in Valladolid.

PRO LABS is a platform that aims to consolidate as an annual open platform for discussion is a platform that brin¬gs together international profes¬sionals from different fields of the performing arts ecosystem to share experiences find innovative formulas to develop future lines of co¬llaboration between organizations and cities and thus, more effectively address the most urgent challenges that the European cultural sector and our communities are currently experiencing.

The main focus of this second edition will be set on Creative Cities: a platform for interaction for emerging artists. Successful practices and challenges.
Emerging artists constitute one of the most relevant and at the same time the most invisible and precarious sectors of the cultural structure. Which challenges do emerging artists face today when addressing experimental contents or themes? What is their role within a Creative City? Which possibilities of internationalization do emerging artists have within Europe and beyond? How can emerging artists contribute to engaging the cultural institutions with the local community?

Through different perspectives, success stories and failed cases, over 40 operators from Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Ireland, Bulgaria, Poland, Armenia will discuss the importance of supporting emerging artists, with the aim of identifying challenges and actively discovering common lines of action for future collaborations.

Download HERE PRO LABS programme

As part of #meetyou 2023 festival Fabbrica Europa will be present also with the co-production
BEAT FORWARD by Igor x Moreno x Collettivo Mine
on stage at Teatro Calderón on March 18

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