Fondo Creatività Emergente

A project by Santarcangelo dei Teatri, AMAT Associazione Marchigiana per le Attività Teatrali, Centrale Fies, ERT – Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione, Fondazione Fabbrica Europa, Fondazione I Teatri di Reggio Emilia, L’arboreto – Teatro Dimora, OperaEstate Festival Veneto, RavennaTeatro, Teatro Pubblico Campano, Teatro Pubblico Pugliese, Teatro Stabile dell’Umbria, Fondazione CRT/Teatro dell’Arte

Santarcangelo dei Teatri, in collaboration with 12 Italian partners, has built a network for the productive development of emerging artists, with the aim of supporting the research phases of performative projects which, due to their characteristics, require long creation times. The one-year programme provides financial support of €20,000 (for each project) for the research and production of a creative project as well as the participation of the selected artists and companies in residencies, masterclasses and workshops led by international authors.

The artists supported in the first edition of the Fondo are:

Agnese Banti
Agnese Banti is a sound artist, musician and overtone singer. Graduated in Sound Design from the Bologna Conservatory with an installation project on the voice of frogs developed in part at the Ionian University in Corfu, she works with sound in music, audiovisual, performative and installation fields. She collaborates with Tempo Reale, the centre for musical research, production and education in Florence founded by Luciano Berio, and with different organisations and artists of the sound and performance scene. She’s the creator of the intimate music project The Songbook and the co-founder of the electronic music collective born in the Conservatory of Bologna and works on overtones singing projects with the Italian composer Roberto Laneri. She attended Malagola, the School of vocality and international centre for voice studies based in Ravenna. In the last year she collaborated with the choreographer Marta Bellu and started, together with the singer Ludovica Manzo and the actress Marta Vitalini, the vocal research project c l a m o r. Her works have been performed in Italy, Ireland, Greece, Portugal, the UK and the US.

Fabbrica Europa will host Agnese Banti for a residency in Florence, at the PARC Performing Arts Research Centre, from 18 to 27 March 2023

Emilia Verginelli
Emilia Verginelli, actress, performer and director, was born in Rome. She studied theatre with Ragnar Freidank, Declan Donnellan, Fabrice Murgia, Natalie Beasse, Thomas Ostermeier, Daria Deflorian, Lucia Calamaro, Fanny and Alexander. She also trained as a dancer with Julie Stanzak of the Pina Bausch Company, and Gabriella Garrizo of the Peeping Tom Dance Company. She collaborated for ten years as a theater volunteer with the Opera Don Guanella in Rome, an institute for disabled people. In 2010, she created Fivizzano27, an independent cultural space born to create a collaboration and exchange network between theatre professionals. In 2019, she was a finalist for the Scenario award with Io non sono nessuno, a play she wrote and directed.

A fellowship of €10,000 was also awarded to:

Giacomo Lilliù / Collettivo ØNAR
Giacomo Lilliù is a director and actor. Starting from a deconstruction of the codes also based on improvisation and recognizing the need for a redefinition of the artist-audience relationship, his research focuses on combining contemporary languages and expressive immediacy. In 2015, together with nine other artists born in the early 90s, he founded Collettivo ØNAR, an informal group that works drawing on theatre, video and sound to create variable and mutant assemblages, which sometimes are at the crossroads between live performance and digital imagery.

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