Lee Hee-moon Company



May 7 – 8, h 21:00
Stazione Leopolda – Florence


The Lee Hee-moon Company, led by sorikkun Lee Hee-moon, is a performance team comprised of singers, musicians and dancers from a variety of performance genres. Lee’s performances are a hybrid of various genres, focused on the vast repertoire of Gyeonggi Minyo (the traditional songs of the Gyeonggi area).
Lee Hee-moon brings Korean traditional vocal music to the core of his performances and mixes it with different forms of art.
The result is distinctive performances that give the audience another way to appreciate music.

ZAP combines sound, music-playing and dancing in a path that gives new form to ancient stories also thanks to special staging of An Eun-mi.
Lights, costumes and set design contribute to create an atmosphere of refined contemporaneity.


director and choreographer: An Eun-mi
main performer: Lee Hee-moon
chorus: Seung Tae Shin, Hyun Soo Jeon, Da Hye Chu, Miri Lee, Joo Yeon Choi, Milim Kim
singer: Seunghee Lee
musicians: Seungbin Bae, Sol Mi Kim, Ye Jin Hong, Youn Ji Park, Sang Jin Hong, Jin Ho Khoe
music directors: Younggyu Jang, Taewon Lee
lighting: Jinyoung Jang
video: Taeseok Lee
sound: Younghoon Oh
stage manager: Sang Yeob Kim
with the support of Center Stage Korea 2015 – Korea Arts Management Service
and Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism

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