Giulio D’Anna


We ain’t going nowhere. We are here to stay. We are here. We are here. We are.
Watch us move when we lose, when we lose it hard…

R_ESISTERE is formed by the words ‘resistere’ (to resist) and ‘esistere’ (to exist). Giulio D’Anna, who is known for his accessible, warm work, in his latest piece is standing up for the vulnerable, oppressed individual and giving him a voice.
The dancers reveal themselves, filled with sharpness, stamina and strength. They never give up and keep on believing. This physical dance concert conveys a sense of universal human power.

concept and choreography: Giulio D’Anna
dancers: Lana Coporda, Fabian Holle, Ana Ladas (and others to be defined)
music: Maarten Bokslag
set design: Jasper van Roden
direction and production assistant: Agnese Rosati
music support: Tom Nestelaar
winner of 2013 Nederlandse Dansdagen of Maastricht and selected for Danse Elargie Theatre de La Ville, Paris

October 4 – 5, 2014 | Nederlandse Dansdagen Maastricht (NL) – première
November 7 – 8, 2014 | Kikker Theater Utrecht (NL)
November 12, 2014 | Stadschouwburg Rotterdam (NL)

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