Roberta Racis
Atto bianco

With this work Roberta Racis investigates the scenic device of the white act of romantic ballet.
A solo that reflects on mourning and fragility, a coming of age that passes through the exploration of the shadow zones of a dancer’s journey.
Here, the forest of Wilis is is a liminal space where lost things and people can be recalled. A journey into the unconscious in which the focus is on the body, which exposing itself to the vulnerability of life goes through change by dancing.

Atto Bianco is the first chapter of an ideal trilogy:
Atto BiancoTorrada Uccidere i padri.
The common thread that links the works is the relationship with inheritance and family relationships, the reinterpretation of tradition and the contextual use of a scenic device in which singing/voice and body coexist. If in Atto Bianco the figure of the mother is central and in Uccidere i padri that of the father, with Torrada Roberta Racis explores her relationship with her land of origin, Sardinia.

Roberta Racis is an artist active in the field of dance and performance. She began her career as an interpreter. She has worked in Italy, Portugal, Belgium and France dancing for CPBC (Companhia Portuguesa de Bailado Contemporaneo) under the direction of Vasco Wallenkamp and for the Italian company Balletto di Roma. She has collaborated with Alessandro Sciarroni, Chris Haring (Liquid Loft), Itamar Serussi Sahar, Paolo Mangiola, Francesca Pennini, Enzo Cosimi, Masako Matsushita, Igor x Moreno, Francesco Marilungo, Giorgia Nardin, Chiara Frigo, Natalia Vallebona, Amanda Xuehai, Yassine Payne. Since 2018 she has developed her own choreographic research as a guest artist in numerous European and international projects (Performing Gender, D&D Dance and Dramaturgy, CRISOL – creative processes). In 2018 she founded the Collettivo Mine with which she created the works Esercizi per un manifesto poetico, Corpi Elettrici and Living like I know I’m gonna die. With Collettivo Mine she is choreographer, performer and co-founder together with Fabio Novembrini, Siro Guglielmi, Saverio Cavaliere and Silvia Sisto. Esercizi per un manifesto poetico was selected for NID New Italian Dance Platform 2022, is part of Aerowaves Twenty22 Artist and is the winner of DNAppunti Coreografici.
In 2023 she was guest choreographer for the Attakkalari Dance Company and teacher at the Attakalari Centre for Movement Arts in Bangalore, India.

project, choreography, dance: Roberta Racis
sound project performed live: Samuele Cestola
dramaturgical collaboration: Martina Badiluzzi
dramaturgical consulting: Dea Merlini
light design: Giulia Pastore
costumes: Rebecca Ihle
set, scenography: Cmf Scenografie
vocal coaching: Alessandra Diodati
text edited by Gaia Clotilde Chernetich
photo/video documentation: Luca Del Pia
technical direction: Mattia Bagnoli
general production: Pietro Monteverdi
promotion: Jean-François Mathieu
production: Oscenica
in co-production with Primavera dei Teatri, Fabbrica Europa
with the support of Inteatro Polverigi, Fondazione Politeama Città di Catanzaro, Fondazione Armunia, Operaestate Festival / CSC di Bassano del Grappa


June 2, 2023 | Primavera dei Teatri – Centro Espressioni Artistiche, Castrovillari (Cosenza) | Open Studio
November 7-12, 2023 | Armunia – Teatro Nardini, Rosignano Marittimo (Livorno) | Residency
December 8 – 13, 2023 | Fabbrica Europa – PARC, Florence | Residency
May 26, 2024 | Primavera dei Teatri, Castrovillari (Cosenza) | Premiere

[photo: Luca Del Pia, detail]

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