Trascendenze Artificiali
Workshop by Cecilia Lentini and Semionauta

When : September 12-18 · workshop | September 19 · performance
Where : Florence, Manifattura Tabacchi (Via delle Cascine 35)
Application deadline : September 3, 2023
Who it is for : performers, dancers, and artists with a strong interest in hybridization of contemporary artistic languages, bodily and/or relational practices, vocal experimentation, and poetry
How to apply : For all information and application details, write an email to

The workshop intends to develop a path of Performance Art focusing on bodily practices in relation to new technologies and will culminate in a public presentation as part of Festival Fabbrica Europa > Trascendenze Artificiali

The artistic experience reflects on the consequences of the contemporary crisis, the fragmentation of identity, and the difficulty of navigating the multitude of available meanings. The performance unfolds in a universe of hallucinations and dreamlike landscapes, where non-linear mental and bodily forms find meaning.

Through the fusion of sound, movement, and technology, the work modifies and reconfigures the physical and sensual body, exploring new expressive possibilities and offering a personal vision of the human experience.

Cecilia Lentini, performance artist, vocalist, and director, explores the combination of cultural references and diverse artistic practices. Her works seek dialogues between organic and technological elements, using music, voices, bodies and electronic devices to create intense sensory environments.

Semionauta, artist, musician, and multimedia researcher, has explored multiple approaches to sound composition over the past decade, developing a research in the hybridization of organic matter and self-built technology. His artistic practice is multifaceted and aims to offer intense multisensory experiences.

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