Cascine Edition

September 13, 2020
Cascine Park, Florence

Secret Florence 2020 Cascine Edition is a special edition that includes a path of open air artistic performances, curated by Fabbrica Europa, Musicus Concentus, Tempo Reale, Centro nazionale di produzione per la danza Virgilio Sieni, and the creation of a video documentary produced by Lo schermo dell’Arte in collaboration with Istituto Marangoni, Florence.
These Florentine organizations have chosen a symbolic place of sociability, the Cascine Park, to populate it with contemporary dance and music.

Within the project Fabbrica Europa has curated three different performances:

PARC Performing Arts Research Centre
Adriano Bolognino
Gli amanti | dance

Taking inspiration from the cast of “The lovers” (Gli amanti) discovered in Pompei, the creation by Adriano Bolognino wants to bring to light a love suddenly interrupted by the overbearing force of nature, but kept forever.
Eternal it’s the hug in which the two lovers are found and at the same time locked up.


Cascine Park – Circolo Il Quercione
Greta Francolini
| dance

Ritornello is a concatenation between “The Disintegration Loops”, a track by William Basinski, and a few pop songs. Pop music creates boundaries of a specific culture, a slang and legible music. When this kind of music hurts the movement, something happens in dance, maybe dance itself happens.


Cascine Park – Le Otto Viottole
Giovanfrancesco Giannini, Fabio Novembrini, Valentina Zappa
MEMORIES_an archive of gestures | dance

MEMORIES_an archive of gestures is a reflection on the encounter, on the possibility of relying on the other and recognizing oneself in a common point by presenting one’s own diversity. In a negotiation with memory, with its consolidation and stratification in the bodies, the choreography dialogues with oblivion, with the dynamics of resistance towards it but also with the space left by its right.


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