Equilibrio Dinamico Dance Company / Brandon Lagaert
Welcome to my funeral

Welcome to my funeral, a new creation by Brandon Lagaert for Equilibrio Dinamico Dance Company, will address the increasingly blurring of the borders between reality and the virtual world.

Our dependency connected to technology has completely changed the way we relate to others and the physical world around us. The virtual world is becoming increasingly more realistic with haptic feedback, artificial intelligence and algorithms learning from human input. How do we as humans use technology to feed our own egos? How do we use technology to form unique bonds with others? How do we use technology to manipulate strangers? The creation process, that will involve the dancers, will begin starting from these questions.

Brandon Lagaert has mainly crafted his signature style as an artist while working for the internationally renowned dance-theatre company Peeping Tom as a multidisciplinary performer in the pieces VaderMoederKindDido & Aeneas and La Visita. As a director he often starts from the perspective of a performer to lay down a certain foundation before tackling the overall structure. He does this under the name of his company KAIHO of which the award-winning performances Subdued and Mondo Fuso have been an integral part. In 2019 he created the performance Doggy Rugburn for Lithuanian dance company Aura and in 2022 he created Next Stop with the graduating students of the Mime department of the AHK in Amsterdam.

choreography by Brandon Lagaert for 4 dancers
music: Felix Machtelinckx

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