Worshop – audition
by Takahiro Fujita / mum & gypsy

Alessandra Cozzi, Lara Di Bello, Giorgia F. Fiorentini and Luca Maino are the 4 performers selected during the audition-workshop which was held at the Teatro della Misericordia in Sansepolcro from 14 to 26 November 2023.

The audition was aimed at selecting the Italian artists who will become part of the cast of the new Italian-Japanese production of mum & gypsy, directed by the playwright and director Takahiro Fujita, which will debut in Japan in 2024, as part of the CRISOL – creative processes project.

The result of a collaboration between Fabbrica Europa and CapoTrave / Kilowatt with mum & gypsy, this co-production represents an opportunity to promote the exchange of practices, the meeting between knowledge, disciplines, techniques and working methods through a process of shared creation between Italian and international artists.

mum & gypsy is a theatre company founded by Japanese director and playwright Takahiro Fujita. Born in 1985, he has written and directed all of the company’s productions. He won the Kishida Kunio Drama Award, Japan’s most acclaimed theater award for the playwright, at the age of 26, and the Yomiuri Theatre Grand Prize for Outstanding Director at 30. In 2016, he created and presented Il Mio Tempo – My Time, an international co-production featuring Italian and Japanese actors. In his works, he often use a cinematic technique showing the refrain of an iconic scene from different angles and viewpoints.

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photo: Tomofumi Hashimoto, detail

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