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Community is a theme that in recent years has assumed great importance in European choreographic research because dance, as an artistic expression, increasingly shifts its function from the representation to the relationship with a context, a territory, a community, building paths of meaning and shared experiences in opposition to the homologation and conformism processes of the global village and to the overproduction of representations, plausible or not, that the technological devices have triggered.
In the African continent dance is still a living collective expression which belongs to each community and influences and connotes codes, aesthetics and poetics of contemporary choreographers.
Analyzing the theme of the community from different perspectives and cultures becomes a way to better understand what function it assumes in the current historical context and to investigate how choreic art can perform the function of connecting a community to its territory, its history and its culture.

The Italian choreographer Irene Russolillo and the videomaker Luca Brinchi will meet the artists Mapate Sakho and Antoine Danfa from Senegal and Ilyes Triki from Tunisia in a creative path during which they will develop a collective creation process.
In the first phase of the project, starting in June 2020, the artists will work online with scheduled appointments, interacting with each other, giving each other tasks and developing materials to share.
The research will start from the word ‘community’ meant as ‘a group of people united by bonds of belonging or who have a common social life and share the same behaviors and interests’, put in relationship with some people and places and with other words such as ‘family’, ‘friendship’, ‘ritual’, ‘landscape’. During the virtual meetings, the artists will share some key moments of their life within their own communities, looking for similarities.
Within this period of online activity, part of the work will be aimed at creating a video that will be the first outcome of the co-creation process.
The artists will be followed by four tutors (Massimo Carosi - Danza Urbana, Giuseppe Muscarello – Muxarte/ConFormazioni Festival, Andrés Morte – Fabbrica Europa and Jean Tamba – Cie 5e Dimension / Dakar en Mouvement) who will support the group with different skills and approaches.
The path, from the basis of a structured knowledge among the participants, a wealth of material to be processed collectively and already tested working methods, will continue with a phase of live activities in Senegal (Dakar), Tunisia (Tataouine) and Italy (Palermo).










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