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The CRISOL – creative processes project has been designed with the aim of interweaving experiences between performing artists – Italian and from different countries – with the idea of a future that will go beyond identity boundaries and where the melting pot of cultures will represent an enrichment based on diversity and pluralism of identities.
By favoring an exchange of knowledge, wherein ideas, cultures and territories come merge like metals in a melting pot (crisol), it is possible to create a virtuous circle that can give life to new scenarios of meeting and cooperation.
CRISOL intends to be an instrument to access unknown territories and bring out new artistic knowledge, leading us to open a network of cultural communication and co-operation between Italy and European and extra-European countries through which the artists involved will be able to broaden their horizons and internationalize their research and practices.

CRISOL is an innovative and ambitious project that proposes dialogue and cooperation between an Italian network of partners and a number of international organizations and festivals: the relationship and mediation between Italian and foreign contemporary performing arts production will lead to a fusion of cultures, experiences and knowledge capable of finding a common and shared development.
The project is driven by the need to create new cultural models, not only based on mutual knowledge but also on the background and the cultural and artistic experience of each participant, which become essential for a fruitful artistic cooperation.
The dialogue, the fusion of different performative and creative practices wants to generate an open confrontation on cultural diversity that can overcome boundaries.

Articulated in different phases and promoted by a network of 7 Italian and 14 international partners (from Morocco, Tunisia, Senegal, Lebanon, Bulgaria, Armenia, India, China, Macao, Singapore, Korea) CRISOL is an itinerary of encounter, research, artistic accompaniment and creation for young and emerging Italian and international authors, as well as a training and networking experience for young operators.

CRISOL develops in four different paths throughout four geographical areas.
Each path, which will also involve young operators, focuses on a specific topic.

The difficult situation which has come about with the spread of Covid-19 at global level has had a strong impact not only on the performing arts sector as a whole, but even more significantly on those projects such as CRISOL – creative processes, which focused on international mobility.
The four lines along which CRISOL had been originally set up included in-person activities (creation residencies, presentations of the results, encounters with the public and experts) in the various countries involved. Without changing the identity, the project’s general structure, the aims and topics dealt with, these targets were therefore remodelled and further developed from June 2020 on, through projects of research and of collaborative remote work by means of digital exchanges and residencies, using online instruments and video-communication platforms.

Africa – Community
East Mediterranean – Tradition and digital realities
East – Innovation and technology
East Asia – Form and tradition










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