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The network of international partners of the CRISOL project has a wide and varied geographical and cultural extension and includes 14 organizations – from Morocco, Tunisia, Senegal, Lebanon, Bulgaria, Armenia, India, Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore, China and Korea – that support emerging creativity and usually work at the international level, organizing events or festivals dedicated to contemporary performing arts, hosting creative residencies, carrying out artistic education projects and promoting audience development initiatives in the respective territories.


ON MARCHE On Marche International Festival of Contemporary dance
Marrakech / Morocco
 mada-tataouine Association MADA Théâtre de Tataouine
Tataouine / Tunisia
 Cie-5-dimension Cie 5e Dimension / Dakar en Mouvement
Dakar / Senegal
 maqamat Maqamat / BIPOD – Beirut International Platform of Dance
Beirut / Lebanon
  ONE Foundation ONE Foundation for Culture and Arts /
ONE Dance Week
Plovdiv / Bulgaria
 HIGH-FEST Armenian Actors Union / HIGH FEST
Yerevan / Armenia
 Attakkalari Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts
Bangalore / India
 CCDC CCDC City Contemporary Dance Company
Hong Kong / China
 SETA S.E.T.A. Sino-European Transcreation Agency
Hong Kong / Cina
 Stella-&-Artists Stella & Artists
 Dance-Nucleus Dance Nucleus
 Seoul-Institute-of-the-Arts Seoul Institute of the Arts
Seoul / Korea
 DURI Duri Theatre
Seoul / Korea
 Beijing_Dance_LDTX BeijingDance/LDTX / Beijing Dance Festival
Pechino / China
 Istituto-Italiano-Cultura-Dakar with the participation of
Istituto Italiano di Cultura
Dakar / Senegal

























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