East – Innovation and technology


This path brings together some cultural organizations – Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts in Bangalore (India), Seoul Institute of the Arts in Seoul (South Korea), City Contemporary Dance Festival | CCDC and S.E.T.A. Sino-European Transcultural Agency in Hong Kong – located in production areas with high technological innovation or characterized by experimentation and application of new technologies in the processes of artistic creation and production.

In these decades, technological progress has profoundly changed the living conditions and the social behaviors of millions of people, increasing the possibility of interconnection between individuals, amplifying the perception and experience of reality, dematerializing the transmission processes of information and intellectual and artistic works.
In a world where real and virtual end up overlapping, the body acquires an increasingly important function. For this reason, the experiments between performing arts and new technologies necessarily lead to a greater awareness of the processes and cultural and social transformations and open new scenarios to artistic creation.

In this path, structured in some collective creative residencies in Seoul, Bangalore and Hong Kong in which to experience the creative potential of new technologies, Italian and local artists will be involved and will work together to develop a collective work, accompanied by a tutor and young operators.










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