Middle East – Tradition


This second path involves a geographical area characterized by millenary civilizations, a strong cultural identity and traditions deeply rooted in society.
The itinerary of this first phase of CRISOL will involve only Lebanon (Maqamat / BIPOD, Beirut), but starting from the next stages, it will link apparently not homogeneous territories, with which, however, there are strong historical and cultural connections: Armenia (High Fest, Yerevan) and Bulgaria (One Foundation, Plovdiv).

In this historical period, in which the processes of economic globalization determine profound social and cultural changes, the attachment to cultural identity and traditions is often the attempted defense implemented by each community to contain the effects of the ongoing transformations. The analysis of other artistic traditions is an extraordinary opportunity to get in touch with the wealth of diversity in opposition to cultural homologation.
Throughout the ages, ceremonies, expressions and actions of communities have had a very strong importance and have connected and collected people around them. Traditional dance rituals exist because people share the same necessity to celebrate.

Within this path, the artists Antonio Savoia (Italy) and Stephanie Kayal (Lebanon) will conduct a study in which they will analyze the body as a primary element when faced with the struggles and contradictions, internal and external, of one’s own being, examining the needs and the impulses that generate collective rites and traditions rooted in our societies.










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