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Lorenzo di Rocco | Jennifer Lavinia RosatiEntanglement_Studio 2
Lorenzo di Rocco | Jennifer Lavinia Rosati
Entanglement_Studio 2

Two microscopic particles, initially interacting, can be linked together even if placed at a great distance from each other, as if they were joined by an inexplicable connection. We talk about physics, about the mysterious phenomenon of entanglement. But can people also be defined as an interwining of interactions, of invisible and sometimes incomprehensible forces? Entanglement_Studio2 by […]

Irene Russolillo | Luca Brinchi | Karima DueGIf there is no Sun
Irene Russolillo | Luca Brinchi | Karima DueG
If there is no Sun

If there is no sun is a creation that comes from the collaboration between the choreographer Irene Russolillo, the video artist Luca Brinchi and the Italian-Liberian musician and performer Karima DueG together with the dancers Antoine Danfa, Mapate Sakho (Senegal) and Ilyes Triki (Tunisia). This project was born in 2020 as part of CRISOL – […]

Cristina Donà | Daniele Ninarello | Saverio LanzaL’universo nella testa
Cristina Donà | Daniele Ninarello | Saverio Lanza
L’universo nella testa

We are lumps of atoms that are momentarily organized to be here but that will then return to do what they have always done, to be an integral part, albeit infinitesimal, of the Universe. Maybe there’s someone out there you like more than anyone else. Perhaps a proton of your skin stood next to a […]

Alessandro SciarroniPLAY
Alessandro Sciarroni

From an ancient game to a contemporary performative practice In PLAY, a creation produced by Fabbrica Europa, which originates from the ancient game of the Pallone al bracciale, the Italian artist Alessandro Sciarroni revisits in a contemporary way, through a performance/live video installation, the concepts of time and duration, bringing the performers to measure themselves […]

Collettivo MineCorpi elettrici
Collettivo Mine
Corpi elettrici

Corpi Elettrici is a choreographic project by Collettivo MINE, the group of choreographers formed by Roberta Racis, Francesco Saverio Cavaliere, Silvia Sisto, Siro Guglielmi and Fabio Novembrini. The work was initially born as a special project by Gender Bender and the Conservatorio G.B. Martini in Bologna, developed during the lockdown to let the 5 dancemakers work together […]

Cristina ZavalloniFor the living
Cristina Zavalloni
For the living

The album For the Living by Cristina Zavalloni and Jan Bang was released in October 2020. The project was able to see the light, although the limitations caused by the lockdown and the impossibility to travel between Italy and Norway. At Fabbrica Europa Festival 2021 For the Living was presented in an acoustic version as a […]

Collettivo MINEEsercizi per un manifesto poetico
Collettivo MINE
Esercizi per un manifesto poetico

Esercizi per un manifesto poetico (Exercises for a poetic manifesto) is Collettivo MINE‘s debut work, created when the company was founded. The manifesto is written through movement, in a dance practice composed by five performers. The individual’s breath and the group’s unison merge together. Bodilily plasticity becomes inspiration for the danced language and for a […]

Pietro PiredduPanimundu
Pietro Pireddu

Mallow is well known for the flower that gives the name to the color. Less striking is its green, nutritious, round and flattened fruit: the panimundu, “bread of the world”. Panimundu is a choreographic practice where spatiality, sensations and energies are modulated through a series of repetitions that become possible only with the emergence of a gap […]

Collettivo MINELiving like I know I’m gonna die
Collettivo MINE
Living like I know I’m gonna die

Living like I know I’m gonna die by Collettivo MINE is part of “Swans never die”, a project that invites some young artists to revisit in a contemporary way “The Dying Swan”, originally choreographed by Michel Fokine for Anna Pavlova in 1905.   While we speak, time will have escaped greedily. Grab this day. Horatius […]


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Giardino ChiusoBianchisentieri
Giardino Chiuso

Bianchisentieri investigates the themes of conservation and transmission of the memory of our cultural heritage with visual and sound suggestions. The transposition into a surreal image will give life to a rare “animal”, perhaps already disappeared, that drags a dress built with pages of abandoned books, ready for destruction, as a symbol of the memory […]

Festival Fabbrica Europa 2013
Festival Fabbrica Europa 2013

XX edition April 16 > June 19, 2013 Florence, Stazione Leopolda and other spaces   EVENTS CALENDAR (Click on pictures or titles for complete descriptions) April 16 – 17 | Teatro Era Pontedera PETER BROOK A MAGIC FLUTE | theatre April 30 – May 2 | Teatro Cantiere Florida Florence FABRIZIO MONTEVERDE / BDT JUNIOR […]

Festival au Désert 2020
Festival au Désert 2020

11th edition Florence, PARC Performing Arts Research Centre, Teatro Puccini September 5 – 10    The Festival au Désert is a multicultural musical project that from 2010 has created a network for contemporary creation between Africa, the Mediterranean and Europe, starting from the collaboration between the Festival au Désert in Essakane (Mali) and Fondazione Fabbrica […]


CRISOL – creative processes | Project | Schedule | Africa – Community | East Mediterranean – Tradition and digital realities | East – Innovation and technology | East Asia – Form and tradition | Participants | Italian partners | International partners   The videos documenting the first phase of the 4 paths of the CRISOL project       […]

Giovanfrancesco Giannini | Fabio Novembrini | Valentina ZappaMEMORIES_an archive of gestures
Giovanfrancesco Giannini | Fabio Novembrini | Valentina Zappa
MEMORIES_an archive of gestures

MEMORIES_an archive of gestures is a project by Giovanfrancesco Giannini, Fabio Novembrini, Valentina Zappa. Born within by the “Crossing the sea” project (supported by the “Boarding Pass Plus” programme promoted by the Italian Ministry for Heritage and Cultural Activities) in collaboration with Er Gao dance production Guangzhou, it is a reflection on the encounter, on […]

SECRET FLORENCE 2020Cascine Edition
Cascine Edition

September 13, 2020 Cascine Park, Florence Secret Florence 2020 Cascine Edition is a special edition that includes a path of open air artistic performances, curated by Fabbrica Europa, Musicus Concentus, Tempo Reale, Centro nazionale di produzione per la danza Virgilio Sieni, and the creation of a video documentary produced by Lo schermo dell’Arte in collaboration […]