Festival Fabbrica Europa


A Mediterranean populated by bodies and voices. A Mediterranean made of journeys, traditions, communities, visions, sounds and dances. A middle land that unites the above and the below, the real and the imaginary, the masculine and the feminine, even where this means identifying alternative trajectories to the usual, in the infinite search for creative exchange.

Fabbrica Europa, with this 31st edition, continues to build a festival project with a strong multidisciplinary structure conceived as a moment of individual and community growth. A territory of arts and knowledge capable of creating traces that indicate possible and impossible routes, showing works that highlight a visceral relationship between forms and meanings, between rituality and contemporary thought.

Trajectories of thinking and imagining run through Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, the Middle East and reach as far as Asia. And on the other hand they open to the diasporas of Latin and black cultures between the Americas, from the political bodies of Brazil to the voices of Black Culture.
Towards the rediscovery of deep and creative words, ancient and future, and of new and unusual ways of expressing the concept of contemporary performing arts.

Among the protagonists of this edition, Aurélien BoryCompagnie 111, Harald Beharie, Cristina Kristal Rizzo, Bigi / Paoletti, Rodrigo Amarante, Fanny & Alexander, Omar Rajeh – Maqamat, Aldes, Marcat Dance.

On the homepage the first shows that are already on presale!

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