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project supported by
Boarding Pass Plus 2019-2020 programme
MiBACT Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism


The CRISOL (crucible) project has been designed with the aim of interweaving experiences between artists – Italian and from different countries – with the idea of a future that will go beyond identity boundaries and where the melting pot of cultures will represent an enrichment based on differences and a pluralism of identities.
By favoring an exchange of knowledge, in which ideas, cultures and territories come together like metals in the crucible, it is possible to create a virtuous circle that can give life to new scenarios of meeting and cooperation.
CRISOL intends to be an instrument to access unknown territories and to bring out new artistic knowledge, leading us to open a network of cultural communication and co-operation between Italy and European and extra-European countries through which the artists involved will be able to broaden their horizons and internationalize their research and their practices.

The project, that is promoted by 7 Italian and 14 international partners, aims to undertake a path of internationalization that on the one hand involves emerging Italian artists in a process of development of co-creation methodologies and sharing of artistic processes with authors with different backgrounds and languages; on the other hand, to contribute to the acquisition of new skills at the international level by young cultural operators.

CRISOL develops in four different paths dedicated to four geographic areas: Africa, Near East, East, Far East. Each path, which also involves young operators, is aimed at meeting, dialogue and shared work between Italian and foreign artists.
Each geographic area corresponds to a theme.

Africa – Community
The first path addresses Africa and focuses on the “community” theme, involving cultural organisations from Tunisia (Association MADA Tataouine), Morocco (On Marche, Marrakesh) and Senegal (Cie 5e Dimension / Dakar in Mouvement).
Analyzing this theme, which in recent years has taken on great importance in European artistic research, from different perspectives and cultures, becomes a way to better understand what function art assumes in the current historical context, and to investigate how art can play the role of connector of a community to its territory, its history and its culture.

Near East – Tradition
The second path involves the Near East, a geographical area characterized by millenary civilizations, a strong cultural identity and traditions deeply rooted in society. The proposed itinerary unites apparently uneven territories, where, however, there are strong historical and cultural connections: Armenia (High Fest, Yerevan), Bulgaria (One Foundation, Plovdiv), Lebanon (Maqamat / BIPOD, Beirut).
In this historical period, in which the processes of economic globalization determine profound social and cultural changes, attachment to cultural identity and traditions is often the attempted defense implemented by each community to contain the effects of the transformations underway. Meeting other artistic traditions is an extraordinary opportunity to get in touch with the wealth of differences in opposition to cultural homologation.

East – Innovation and technology
The third project core brings together some cultural organisations – Seoul Institute of the Arts and Duri Theater in Seoul (Korea), Attakkalari Center for Movement Arts in Bangalore (India) – located in countries with high technological innovation or involved in the experimentation and employment of new technologies in the processes of creation and artistic production. A work in and with these territories can open new scenarios for artistic creation.

Far East – Form
The path dedicated to Far Eastern cities – Beijing (BeijingDance / LDTX), Macao (Stella & Artists), Singapore (Dans Nucleus), Hong Kong (City Contemporary Dance Company, SETA Sino-European Transcreation Agency) – focuses on form as a core element of the concept of art in oriental culture, to offer a path of research and creation on the formal qualities of the artistic work.
The meeting with different cultural languages and the search within already known codes or forms will allow participants to refine their creation and composition tools.


Fondazione Fabbrica Europa, Firenze, project leader
Associazione Capotrave / Kilowatt Festival, Sansepolcro
Associazione Lis Lab Performing Arts / Cross Festival, Verbania
Danza Urbana Festival, Bologna
Associazione Tersicorea / Corto in Danza Platform, Cagliari
Muxarte / ConFormazioni Dance Festival, Palermo
Associazione Menhir / Festival Ruvo di Puglia

On marche… Festival International de danse contemporaine, Marrakech / Morocco
Association MADA Theatre, Tatouine / Tunisia
Dakar in Mouvement | 5th Dimension Company  / Senegal

Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts / India
S.E.T.A. Sino European Transcreation Agency / Hong Kong
City Contemporary Dance Festival / Hong Kong
Beijing Dance / LDTX  / China
Stella&Artists-China Dance Courier Stations Network / Macao
Dance Nucleus / Singapore
Seoul Institute of the Arts / Korea
Duri Thetre / Korea

BIPOD – Maqama Beit El Raqs / Lebanon
High Fest Yerevan / Armenia
One Foundation of Culture and Arts / Bulgaria



· December 2019
Creation of the network and establishment of the RTO, the temporary grouping of Italian operators that implement and support the project


Africa path

· June 16-25
Senegal – residency in Toubab Dialao at L’École des Sables, directed by Germaine Acogny; public presentation in Dakar at Centre Culturel Blaise Senghor

· June 25–July 4
Ravenna – residency and presentations within Ravenna Festival

· July 5
Arezzo, presentation/preview of the work within the Kilowatt Festival

· August 26–September 4
Bologna – residency and presentation within the Festival Danza Urbana (residency August 26–September 3, presentation September 4)

· September 6–7
Ravenna – public presentation within Festival Ammutinamenti

· September 9–10
Potenza, public presentation within the Festival Città delle 100 scale

· September 11–12
Ruvo di Puglia, public presentation within the Talos Festival

· September 13
Palermo – public presentation within the Festival Conformazioni

· March 29–April 6
Tunisia – residency, meetings, workshops and presentations in Tataouine within the Festival Theatrouine


Far East path

· September 13-18
Cagliari – residency

· September 13-18
Florence – residency at Villa Caruso- Lastra a Signa

· September 28-October 3
Verbania – residency

· October 5-30
Hong Kong, Singapore, Macao


Near East path

· August 20-30
Lebanon – residency at the library of the French Institute in Beirut

· September 1-13
Ruvo di Puglia – residency and public presentation within the Talos Festival


East path

· 2020-2021
Florence, Bangalore, Seoul, Sansepolcro, others to be defined














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