The FABBRICA LAB project offers a wide range of workshops activities focused on the themes of community, body, movement and virtual reality.

The programme includes actions which intend to facilitate access to contemporary artistic practices and create real and virtual spaces for interaction and connection between artists and communities.


Workshop by Cecilia Lentini and Semionauta
Manifattura Tabacchi, Florence

workshop · September 12-18 | performance · September 19
application deadline · September 3
Workshop on bodily practices in relation to new technologies
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Workshop by Margherita Landi and Agnese Lanza
PARC and Manifattura Tabacchi, Florence

September 15-16-17, with open presentation at Manifattura Tabacchi
application deadline · September 3
A choreographic research between body and Virtual Reality (VR)
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Workshop by Brandon Lagaert
NBDT, Florence

September 25-26-27-28 (+ viewing of the show on September 24)
application deadline · extended to September 23
Workshop that takes inspiration from the new creation of the choreographer
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by KOMOCO / Sofia Nappi
PARC, Florence

October 3
application deadline · extended to September 30
Workshop based on practices that allow to explore of body and movement
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by Sara Sicuro / CollettivO.SCENA
PARC, Il Lavoratorio, MAGMA and Piazza delle Cure, Florence

workshop · October 14-November 11 (3 weekends) | performance · November 12
application deadline · October 8
Workshop based on territory and community dynamics
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Workshop by Roberta Racis and Fabio Novembrini
Sonoria and PARC, Florence

workshop · October 25-31 | final performance · October 31
application deadline · October 15
A research work on the dynamics between space and presence
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Workshop by Masako Matsushita, Xavier Boissarie and Tomek Jarolim
Parrocchia di Dan Donato in Polverosa and Piazza Ugo di Toscana, Florence

November 10-11-12
application deadline · October 15
Workshop that ignites the creativity in an urban soundscape
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WORKSHOP-AUDITION for a new production
by Takahiro Fujita / mum & gypsy
Teatro della Misericordia, Sansepolcro (Arezzo)

period: November 14-26
application deadline · October 25
Audition of a new Italy-Japan theatre co-production
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by Eric Joris / Crew
PARC, Florence

workshop · November 21-26 | final performance installation · November 25-26
application deadline · November 10
Workshop and creation experience in a VR environment
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Info tel +39 055 2638480

photo: Giampaolo Becherini

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