Festival Fabbrica Europa

XXV edition
May 4 – June 10, 2018
Florence, Stazione Leopolda and other spaces


Retracing our steps towards the essence: from the Far East to Europe, passing through the Middle East and the cultures that cross the Balkans and Eastern Europe and flow into that open Mediterranean which linked the Arab world to the Berber traditions and reached the heart of creative and philosophical Western thought.

Fabbrica Europa’s twenty-fifth anniversary, experienced not as a celebration but as Year Zero for the start of a new breath of creativity, sought in a palpitating essence to be perceived and captured in order to extract its vitality, its pulse, its meaning.
The bare Stazione Leopolda rediscovered, its space becomes a body that springs to life and takes on the creative signs and actions of our times, eclectic and ever more polymorphous. Not the Leopolda alone: the Festival also inhabits the old Scuderie Granducali delle Cascine, a decidedly unconventional space, stimulating and versatile, lending itself to various stage formats. And yet again Fabbrica Europa involves important Florentine theatres (from the Teatro Goldoni to the Teatro della Pergola), consolidating its position as the city’s multi-disciplinary Festival.

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